The Wind Energy in Italy

Italy aims wind energy. A survey released in June by Legambiente illustrates the advantages of this technology for our country. A renewable energy source which could come in the future 10% of the electricity consumed in the country. Italy, a survey conducted in 2011, is in sixth place for wind energy production, it is estimated that there are 7,250 MW of installed capacity from 16 regions and 450 municipalities, including large wind farms and mini and micro systems.

In accordance with the new legislation, which regulates the RES (Renewable Electrical Sources) different from photovoltaics, the maximum contribution will be given by small wind turbines for the period 2013/2015.

For small wind systems that are considered part of a power range from 20 to 200 kW, in accordance with the limits in maximum value for the application of the all-inclusive tariff of 300 € / MWh for 15 years, according to the DM December 18, 2008. Values ​​in effect until December 2012, when there will be the transition to the new DM July 6, 2012 which set the all-inclusive tariff of 268 € / MWh and requiring the official registration for installations above 60 kW.

It should be emphasized that the small plants still represent a smaller share of the Italian wind market offering, therefore, great potential for development. In fact, the introduction of an adequate system of incentives and the growing interest by investors and lenders to small turbines will enable the sector in the coming years to make a decisive contribution to the achievement of national targets for emissions offset of CO2.

Lares Energy for small wind

Lares Energy is very interested in the development of the sector, to the point of having formed a special team that can support its investors at various stages of development of a wind farm.

We have identified through its network of developers with the most suitable areas to install turbines of 60 kW, who have the privilege of having a simplified authorization procedure (PAS). We have analyzed the best technology on the market to make estimates of pre-manufacturability based on the annual average wind and Compliance geology of the areas identified We are in contact with the banks most active in the community wind and renewable energy in general.


Download the new D.M. 6 Luglio 2012.

Small Wind vantages

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