About Us

Lares Energy is a company with a team of professionals having more than 20 years of experience in the investment industry and the energy market.

A company formed by a team with strong expertise ranging from leasing to project finance, from project engineering to risk management.

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Lares Energy is developing energy efficiency projects in the field of lighting and refrigeration industry.

In particular Lumnia is proposing a specific service for LED lighting sports fields and in general for large industrial centers and exhibition.

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Lares Energy is a company based in Milan and has as its mission the creation of projects for financial own account and for its investors.


Lares Energy has given priority to investments in real assets ranging from the devlopment of infrastructure in renewable energy to the energy efficiency


We have set ourselves the ambitious task of becoming the best partner for those who want to invest in these areas and to provide the best products to customers

Lares Energy is developing a small wind project in Sardinia.

FG Nuove Energie is owned by Lares Energy.

We have built a project consist of two turbines with a 60 kWp nominal power and we are finalizing the third. Others are in pipeline.